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Top Free Website Design Tools

Design Tools

Today you do not necessarily need codes to design a website as there are plenty of web designing platforms to choose from. These web designing tools have made it easier for people who want to design their own websites without paying for a web designer. It also provides a variety of custom options to choose from for personalizing their websites. Here are 8 free website design tools which provide website learning as well as creativity.


Wix is a worldwide platform available in more than 190 websites which provides a free and paid version for building websites. It is the most popular tool offers an easy to work web designing tool which does not require coding. Wix is preferred the most as it is available on both desktop and mobile devices.


WordPress is one of the best website designing platforms which offers free and paid service to anyone who wants to create a website. It provides users with complete control over the websites. You can choose from more than a thousand of ready-made templates and over 55 thousand plugins.


Bootstrap is a platform which offers a front-end framework which can create fully functioning mobile-first websites. It comes with several custom HTML commands and CSS templates for creating a quick responsive website.


Weebly has been providing custom web designs for over a decade and has successfully produced more than 50 million websites by the users. Weebly has become popular because it is easy to interact with functions. It also offers SEO guides to increase the marketing of your site.


Squarespace has been in the industry for a long time which gives it the reputation of being the most respected platform for web building tools. It provides users to create their own templates and use it to create their websites without the need for coding. You can operate on your website while using your smartphone as well.


Webflow is a more advanced version of WordPress which can do the tasks which WordPress fails to due. It is because it has all the major codes like Javascript and HTML incorporated within to provide an easy custom platform for users. It also allows you to edit your website easily according to the best SEO keywords and images.



openElement is a completely free platform which helps users to design their own responsive websites. It features HTML5, CSS3 support, image optimization and more to help users create a powerful website without going through the code learning process.

Google Web Designer

Google recently introduces a powerful free to use tool for people to custom create their own fully functioning websites. Google Web Designer is a new yet very innovative platform which offers a standalone application for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It features creative animations and interactive elements that users can use to make their websites more effective.