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How Leadpages Has Evolved Into A Top SAAS Company

Picture Of How Leadpages Has Evolved Into A Top SAAS Company

Clay Collins, the CEO and Cofounder of Leadpages, created the easy, yet powerful software for marketers in July 2016. The tool allows marketers to create personalized landing pages and sign up forms that can collect email addresses from people.

The software will enable you to create sales pages for signup as well as pop up boxes for your website without knowing to code.

The three-year-old business that started as a blog has become an eight-figure SAAS company with about 46,000 customers, and a venture dip financing of approximately $38,000,000. Let’s look out how this feat was achieved.

How Leadpages Started

Picture Of How Leadpages Started

Clay started as a lifestyle blogger. According to him, he started from scratch. As he continued with his blog, hitting about 4,000 subscribers, more people wanted to know how he was getting so many people to see his content. In a bid to meet up with this demand, he started to teach marketing.

After a while of getting frustrated with not making enough from his blog, Clay came across a quote from Buckminster Fuller, an accomplished author, inventor, and designer.

According to Fuller, teaching someone a skill was a total waste of time. Opposed to teaching a new skill, Fuller said one should develop a tool that will alternatively teach people the ability to use it.

Clay was inspired. So, he started to imagine ways he could create a tool that could have in it all the tools needed for marketing. He hired a Brazilian who was 18 years old at the time to help him change the pages he was using for his clients at the time and turn them into generic lead pages.

For the price of 90 dollars, an Indian company was collecting these designs and changing them into HTML that people can easily download and personalize for their business.

For a while, Clay was giving out these free templates that had in them the best ways to build sale pages or landing pages or signup for a free e-book.

According to Clay, people started to read and leave comments from which he discovered only half of the people appreciated his work. The remaining half was more interested in how they could integrate with Mailchimp. Some even wanted to know how they could export to WordPress while a range of others wanted to see if they could have access to split tests.

They were requesting a little complex technical support even though the templates were free of charge. From there, Clay got the idea to develop a solution with all these features and more.

So he put up the question to his readers. What if they had all they wanted in one place, will they be willing to pay to own such? The response was, ‘Yes!’

Clay gathered 200 people who gave him 200 dollars each, totaling 40,000 dollars. With the 40,000, Clay, alongside his team, was able to hire the developer with whom they created the first Leadpages software.

Three Years Down, Is Leadpages Worth it?

Picture Of How Leadpages Started

For startups, finding the right marketing tools while spending the least amount of cash is always one of the highest priorities, if not the highest. Today, the number of options available to you are countless with all of them promising to deliver nothing but the best.

Variations such as price and function, however, set them apart from each other. The cheapest of Leadpages plans (standard plan) cost 300 dollars annually, which for a startup is not money to be wasted.

As a startup or anyone else, one must be sure he needs Leadpages before going for the software. The bitter truth is that Leadpages is not actually for everyone. To answer that question, is Leadpages worth it? You should as well answer the following self-assessment questions:

1. Is Your Business Well-Grounded?

If your answer to this question is yes, then Leadpages is worth the shot for you. If you have a healthy business plan with a well-designed timeline for revenue earnings, Leadpages might as well work for you. More often than usual, the need for growth in most startups shuts out the need to learn and understand marketing tools.

Those who do not have well-developed plans often end up forgetting the need for marketing tools. So, if you are not running an established business or you are running without a well-developed business plan, Leadpages might not be for you.

2. How Well Do You Get Visitors To Your Page?

The whole essence of digital marketing is to take customers through a virtual journey. At the beginning of this journey, they start as strangers. In the end, they become loyal customers that want to come back, and they also supply referrals.

Although Leadpages will make that journey easy in the middle for you, it won’t handle everything in the journey by itself. Before you start using Leadpages, you should be sure that you are ‘seen’ first. You are being seen means driving traffic to your page.

You can employ a range of options like search optimization, email marketing, guest posting, advertising, and any other thing that can drive traffic to your page. Leadpages would then help you engage this traffic and use it to the best capacity.

3. What Are Your Plans For The Generated Leads?

While you are figuring out how to generate traffic on end, you should also consider how you intend to follow up with the leads generated by lead pages.

You will need a persuasive sales strategy with which you intend to sell your product to the newly acquired leads. Without having this strategy in place, having Leadpages is just a waste of your time, money, and efforts.


Even though Leadpages is a fantastic tool with which you can boost sales for your business, the question to ask is ‘is leadpages worth it?’ The truth is, it might not just be right for everyone. The key to using the software and making the best of your business is to be true to yourself and discover what works best for you.

Top Free Website Design Tools

Design Tools

Today you do not necessarily need codes to design a website as there are plenty of web designing platforms to choose from. These web designing tools have made it easier for people who want to design their own websites without paying for a web designer. It also provides a variety of custom options to choose from for personalizing their websites. Here are 8 free website design tools which provide website learning as well as creativity.


Wix is a worldwide platform available in more than 190 websites which provides a free and paid version for building websites. It is the most popular tool offers an easy to work web designing tool which does not require coding. Wix is preferred the most as it is available on both desktop and mobile devices.


WordPress is one of the best website designing platforms which offers free and paid service to anyone who wants to create a website. It provides users with complete control over the websites. You can choose from more than a thousand of ready-made templates and over 55 thousand plugins.


Bootstrap is a platform which offers a front-end framework which can create fully functioning mobile-first websites. It comes with several custom HTML commands and CSS templates for creating a quick responsive website.


Weebly has been providing custom web designs for over a decade and has successfully produced more than 50 million websites by the users. Weebly has become popular because it is easy to interact with functions. It also offers SEO guides to increase the marketing of your site.


Squarespace has been in the industry for a long time which gives it the reputation of being the most respected platform for web building tools. It provides users to create their own templates and use it to create their websites without the need for coding. You can operate on your website while using your smartphone as well.


Webflow is a more advanced version of WordPress which can do the tasks which WordPress fails to due. It is because it has all the major codes like Javascript and HTML incorporated within to provide an easy custom platform for users. It also allows you to edit your website easily according to the best SEO keywords and images.



openElement is a completely free platform which helps users to design their own responsive websites. It features HTML5, CSS3 support, image optimization and more to help users create a powerful website without going through the code learning process.

Google Web Designer

Google recently introduces a powerful free to use tool for people to custom create their own fully functioning websites. Google Web Designer is a new yet very innovative platform which offers a standalone application for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It features creative animations and interactive elements that users can use to make their websites more effective.

Tips To Prevent Damaging Your iPhone

Picture Of Tips To Prevent Damaging Your iPhone

Appliances and gadgets tend to develop faults at the most unexpected times. To reduce the chances of these faults occurring, it is better to take preventive measures.

There is also the option of repairing the phones, but repairing an iPhone can sometimes be expensive except when repaired by some specialists like Calgary iPhone repair.

10 Tips To Prevent Damaging Your iPhone

1. Use An iPhone Case:

This action is possibly the smartest step to take. Get an iPhone case that would cover the body and screen of the phone. This case would serve as a shield whenever if falls or hits a surface.

Most cases are designed to last longer than even the phone. An added advantage of using a case is that it makes the iPhone look new even after using it for a long time. So when you tire of it, you can always resell or give it out.

There are different types of phone cases to suit your taste and needs. There is a particular case to protect the sides. This case is the most popular as a lot of phones fall on their sides.

The full case covers everything and comes with a screen protector. There are even certain cases that have batteries built in them. While protecting your phones, they are also giving additional power in case the battery is down.

2. Get A Screen Protector:

Some phone cases do not cover the screen. In this case, your best bet would be the screen protector. These screens are built specifically for withstanding impacts.

They also have an oil-resistance coating which helps to reduce smudges and fingerprints.

A broken screen protector is much better than a broken phone screen. You can easily change the screen protector at a cheaper price than the phone screen itself.

3. Keep It Dry:

It is common knowledge that smartphones and water do not mix. It is not a good idea. Although, phone manufacturers are increasingly looking for ways to upgrade their phones to become water-resistant.

In the meantime, if your phone is not water-resistant, it would be better to avoid moisture as much as possible.

At the sight of rain or water, keep it somewhere safe. If you are in a situation where you can’t avoid exposure to water, get a waterproof or water-resistant case.

4. No Extreme Temperatures:

Even though an iPhone is not a living thing, it still gets affected by too much heat or cold. When exposed to a high amount of heat or cold, the batteries are affected and get weak or begin to malfunction.

Some other components of the phone can also start to develop faults. To be on the safe side, try to check when and how you use the iPhone. Don’t stay too much under the sun while using it or while it is snowing.

5. Use The Phone’s Charger:

The manufactures of the phone have built the charger in such a way that it fits and suits the phone perfectly well. Using another charger to charge the phone might damage the phone battery and reduce efficiency.

6. Do Not Overcharge:

Leaving the phone to charge throughout the night or using the phone while charging are bad ideas. These actions are not good for the longevity of the battery. It weakens the battery.

According to Google, it is preferable to charge your phone just a little above 50% than to charge until it is full. When your battery is always charged until it is full, the battery weakens.

It gradually affects the lifespan of the battery and the phone as well. Apart from this caution, using your phone till it is drained is not advisable as well.

7. Let It Rest:

Like a human who needs rest, experts have said that switching off your iPhone once in a week for at least 30 minutes is good. It helps to maintain the performance of the phone and enhance its life span.

8. Clean Your iPhone:

It is important to emphasize this particular tip. You may not know it but your iPhone packs a lot of dirt and germs. Soft dry tissue will do the trick. Cleaning your phone regularly helps to prevent it from looking old and worn.

It also helps to reduce the amount of sand in the charging port. The exposure of the port to pockets and purses could cause sand to accumulate over a long period, thereby leading to malfunction.

9. Switch Off Your Data:

While your data needs to be on to carry out certain functions on your iPhone, it shouldn’t be on all the time. Not only will this help save your data, but it will also help to preserve your battery and increase the life span of your iPhone.

10. Maintain A Certain Number Of Apps:

Too many apps on your iPhone will reduce the effectiveness of the phone. It will make the phone operate slower. Try as much as possible to delete apps you don’t need and constantly upgrade old apps.

How To Deal With A Damaged iPhone

So as much as you tried, your iPhone eventually got damaged with water. That is not the end of the world, there are a few ways to handle the situation and prevent it from getting any worse.

The very first thing to do is to turn it off. This action would prevent a lot of other damages.

Find a towel or something towel-like to clean out all the parts. Take note to avoid hair dryers.

Then put the iPhone in a Ziploc bag and place it in a bag of dry uncooked rice or any water-absorbent material. It can stay for about 48 hours.

Check the phone for moisture. There is usually an indicator telling if there is still moisture in the phone. For iPhones, it is called the LCI-Liquid water indicator.

It usually shows a red color to indicate damage. If the red doesn’t appear, then the phone is water-free and safe.


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